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3 Effective Ways To Get Credits To Transfer

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If you have attended college or university in the past and are applying to a new school to finish your degree, then you will most likely be concerned about how your credits will transfer to your new school. While some schools partner with other schools and have a direct transfer of credits, most schools will have to assess the courses you took to determine how the credit will transfer to your new school. It is not uncommon for your initial credit review to be disappointing. Below are three ways that you can get your credits to transfer the way you need them to in order to graduate on time. 

Be Specific About the Credits You Will Need 

Before you send your credits to be evaluated, you should make sure you have selected your major at your new school and know which credits you will need. This will allow the transfer office to try to fit your previous courses into your current graduation plan as opposed to just assigning your previous courses as general credit. You may want to highlight specific courses which you feel have been covered by previous courses you have taken. 

Create a Portfolio Of the Courses You Have Taken 

Most colleges have different titles and number systems for similar courses. For example, you may have taken a 100-level course in your first school that covered the same material as a 200-level course in your new school. To make sure you get the appropriate credit, you should create a small portfolio for each of your courses. This can include a copy of the course guide for the year you took the course as well as a copy of the syllabus. If you no longer have your syllabus, contact your previous school. Many schools keep syllabi on record for each course they offered for several years. 

Consider Testing or Applying for Life Experience Credit 

If your credits do not end up transferring the way you need them to, you can consider testing for credit or applying for life experience credit. Both of these methods allow you to use the knowledge you gained during your initial courses to get college credit. However, while these methods may save you time and money, they will cost more than directly transferring your credits. 

If you know where you want to transfer and are currently enrolled in school, you should concentrate on courses that you are sure will transfer. Otherwise, try the above options for a smooth transfer experience.