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Reasons To Get Involved In Intramural Sports At College

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If you were a high school athlete but not quite accomplished enough to land an athletic scholarship to college, there's no reason to give up on your chosen sport even as you move away from home to continue your studies. For all the college athletes who play high-level sports, there are others who take part in sports at the intramural level instead. Although you might be getting used to the transition to college life, it's worthwhile to sign up for an intramural sport when you see that it's offered. Here are some reasons to do so.

It Will Help You Manage Your Weight

Many first-year college students can gain a little weight after they move away from home. If you're concerned that you might fall into this demographic, intramural sports can be the answer. Regardless of the sport, it will have you moving as a way to burn calories and prevent weight gain. This is often better than just telling yourself that you'll go for a jog or work out at the gym. When you're busy keeping up with your studies, making time can be challenging. However, when you've made a commitment to your intramural team, it will likely be easier to include some fitness in your week.

It's A Stress Buster

Moving away to college is a major change in your life. Not only will you be studying at a high level, but you'll also be adjusting to new living arrangements and you might even have a part-time job to keep you busy. All these things can increase your stress, but playing an intramural sport is an ideal way to minimize this stress. Whether you're playing badminton, basketball, soccer or any other type of activity, getting out and moving will release endorphins and distract you from the daily grind, helping to reduce any stress you're experiencing in a healthy manner.

It Helps You Meet People

Intramural sports are an ideal way to meet people who have similar interests. You'll get a chance to talk to your fellow athletes before and after each get-together, which can help you form friendships. This dynamic is especially helpful for people who are shy and may not go to great lengths to meet people in other ways, such as attending parties. Talk to others in your intramural program gives you the chance to find people who have other pastimes common to you, and this can lead to friendships that last through college and beyond.

For more infromation, contact your college's intramural office (like those at UC Clermont College).