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A Pregnant Pause: 4 Reasons You Should Consider Specializing In Pregnancy Massage

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If you're interested in a career in massage therapy, you should consider specializing in pregnancy massage. When women have their bodies massaged during pregnancy, it does more than just relax their bodies. In fact, massage therapy can benefit them in a number of ways during pregnancy. Here are four reasons why pregnant women should have regular massage therapy sessions throughout their pregnancy. It is important to note that you should only provide massages for women who have passed their first trimester of pregnancy.

Increases Circulation

When women are pregnant, their bodies go through a lot of changes, including fluid retention. Part of the reason their bodies retain fluids during pregnancy is because their blood volume fluctuates to accommodate the changes occurring in their kidneys. Towards the end of their pregnancy, blood flow increases by about 35%, which puts increased pressure on the kidneys. When that happens, they'll begin retaining fluid, especially in their feet and legs. The massage therapy that you will provide will improve their circulation and help their body filter out the excess fluids.

Alleviates Back Pain

Towards the end of a woman's pregnancy, their unborn baby will be putting a lot of additional strain on their back. They may find themselves suffering from back aches and muscle tightness on a regular basis. That's where massage therapy comes in. Massage therapy can relieve the pain and relax their muscles so that they can move better.

Relieves Constipation

When a woman is pregnant, constipation can be a real problem, especially if they're taking an iron supplement. If women are having trouble passing bowel movements, a massage therapist can use massage and reflexology to alleviate the symptoms. Reflexology can relieve the constipation so that pregnant women can have normal bowel movements again.

Reduces Pregnancy Headaches

Added tension on the neck and shoulders can lead to an increase in pregnancy-related migraines and tension headaches. As a massage therapist, you'll be able to help relieve those headaches by massaging the head, neck and shoulders of your clients. By focusing on those areas, you'll also be able to alleviate muscle spasms that they might experiencing in their neck and shoulders during pregnancy.

Massage therapists who specialize in pregnancy massage, provide a valuable service to pregnant women. If you've decided to become a massage therapist, the information provided above will help you understand the many benefits you'll be provided to all of your pregnant clientele. Contact a business, such as the Bright Education Institute, for more information.